Are you struggling to draw heads, faces and portraits? Do you want to have the skills to draw AND finish your portraits with confidence and consistency?

Advanced Head and Portrait Drawing is the ultimate class for improving your head drawing and finishing skills. In this class you will learn more powerful tools and techniques to help you draw better faces and take them farther than you have before. Along with the knowledge and information, you will also get expert mentorship and guidance to help you improve fast.

What will I learn in the class?

I’ve been drawing characters and faces since I was a kid. My dream was to become an animator and illustrator for video games and movies.

Transitioning from a student to a professional and making my dream a reality was a struggle. When I first showed my portfolio to studios in Hollywood I was ignored and rejected for years…

Then I found some master artists who mentored and taught me very powerful but little known drawing technology. I studied and practiced this technology and my portfolio quickly improved.

Soon, my work got noticed and finally got my first big break as a video game concept artist. Eventually I transitioned to movie poster illustration where I get to draw realistic faces of my favorite actors, celebrities and characters for Hollywood films, TV shows and animation.

Now after over 20 years of experience as a professional artist, teaching hundreds of students and writing two books on drawing, I’ve developed my own portrait and head drawing technology.

The same knowledge and technology that helped me and hundreds of students improve their head drawing and achieve their goals is what you will learn in this exciting new class.

What you will learn

In this class you will learn intermediate and advanced skills needed to draw and finish portraits with consistency and confidence. You will learn:


  • How to draw the head in any angle
  • How to draw accurate and realistic features
  • Shading, light and shadow techniques
  • How to control hair, clothing and details
  • How to get consistent, quality finishes and more…

See outline below for more details.


Class Outline

Week 1 – Essential Anatomy

  • De-mystifying facial anatomy
  • Mastering the skull and the major structures of the head
  • how to create depth and overlaps
  • using anatomy, rhythms and planes

Week 2 – How to Draw Difficult Poses and Angles

  • mastering profile view (side view) and 3/4 view
  • drawing the head looking up & down
  • how to create depth and atmosphere
  • accuracy and measuring techniques

Week 3 – Shading Like a BOSS

  • introduction to light and shadow
  • how to observe and control values
  • simple and effective shading techniques
  • how to sculpt with tone

Week 4 – How to Finish a Portrait Like a Pro

  • how to simplify and control hair
  • how to control and balance details
  • finishing and accuracy techniques
  • creating dynamic dynamic composition and eye flow


Class Schedule

*Please note all times posted are in Pacific Standard Time (PST, GMT -8)

Class meeting time: Tuesdays @ 6am

Dates: Jan 12 – Feb 2, 2021


$597 tuition includes:

  • 4 live, weekly classes with at least 2 hours of lecture and demonstration
  • at least 4 homework critique paint overs
  • direct interaction with and feedback from the instructor
  • detailed homework assignments
  • private Facebook group for students only to interact with the instructor and classmates.

To Register

If you’re ready to take your faces and portraits to the next level? Click the blue button above to join. Upon registration, students will be emailed instructions to confirm their preferred Session (day or evening), links to live classes and resources.

For questions, please email me at chris[at] with “head drawing class” in the subject line.

About the Instructor

Chris Legaspi is a long time professional illustrator with over 20 years of experience. His work can be seen in hit movies, TV shows and video games. His most notable projects and clients include Birds of Prey, Deadpool 2, Shaft, Luke Cage, Marvel, Disney and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Along with his professional experience, Chris is a popular and admired author and instructor. He has taught at some of the most prestigious art schools in the world including Gnomon and the New Masters Academy. His two recent drawing instruction books, published by Rockport, are available worldwide.

His clear and elegant communication style combined with his passion for teaching and helping serious and dedicated students has allowed his students and mentees to reach new levels in their artwork and careers. Several of Chris’ former students have gone on to work professionally in entertainment, video games and comics.

See below for a sample of Chris’ head and portrait drawings.


For more artwork and to learn more about Chris, click here to see the full portfolio or on Instagram @chrislegaspi_art.

Ready to learn skills that pay the bills?

Class begins Wednesday, September 16th. Reserve your seat today and get cutting edge information and expert guidance you need to take your head and portrait drawings to new levels. Click the blue button above to join.

Reviews and Testimonials

“You are an amazing teacher. Really helped me level up and trained my eye. You definitely unlocked a way of seeing and thinking.”

— Linda Xiong, San Francisco, Analyst

“I thoroughly enjoyed your section in the portrait for beginners course. You made me feel at ease and comfortable to tackle something that felt impossible in the past. Thank you!”

— Josseline Jeria, Syndey, Fine Artist

“Thanks again for helping me out and guiding me. I am way better now than when I first started.”

— Othell Flowers, Chicago, Comics Artist

“I’m an Italian professional illustrator and I found your course invaluable. Thank you.”

— Luca Gennai, Italy, Illustrator