Poster Artist Masterclass

Turn your Drawing Skills into Income

Artwork by master artists: Mike Butkus, David Grove and Drew Struzan

Have you ever dreamed of working as a movie poster artist? Do you want to get paid to draw your favorite actor, movie villain or comic book character? If you answered yes then you’re probably just like me…

Growing up I loved to draw characters and portraits. I always wanted to be an artist in the entertainment industry working on movies and tv shows, but I didn't know how to get there.

So I moved to Hollywood and tried to do it “on my own”...

Needless to say I struggled for years. Years of uninspiring, low paying jobs that lead to nowhere.

How I finally got my “big break”

It wasn’t until I found the right mentors, learned the right skills and developed the right mindset that I finally broke into the entertainment industry.

Now, after more than 10 years of professional experience working on blockbuster Hollywood projects like Deadpool and Birds of Prey, I’ve decided to teach and mentor others and help them reach their dreams of having the skills of a professional artist and getting paid with those skills.

Learn the Skills that Pay the Bills

Movie poster art requires a unique combination of skills. In this Masterclass you’ll learn the exact skills, tools and techniques needed to get your portfolio noticed and create high quality poster concepts and illustrations.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn:

  • How to draw faces with accuracy and likeness
  • How to design eye catching compositions
  • How to draw clothing with realistic wrinkles and folds
  • How to draw figures in dynamic poses in any angle
  • How to finish your concepts with beautiful shading and lighting
  • Portfolio building, professional networking and so much more...

Getting Work and Getting Paid

Unlike most art classes that just teach knowledge, Poster Artist Masterclass will also guide students on the business side of art. Students will be guided on building an effective portfolio and how to get hired as a professional poster artist. In other words, students will not only learn how to draw like a pro, but how to get paid to draw!

Students will learn real world business of art skills like:

  • Exactly what to put in your portfolio and how to get noticed by Art Directors
  • How to network with studios, agencies, art directors and professionals
  • How much to charge for your work and how to increase your rates..
  • Best websites and online tools to find work and clients..

Check our pricing options

Self-Study Solo Pass

Full 6 week program (over 12 hours of instruction) and...

  • Private Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and class materials


Rising Star Studio Pass

Includes full 6 week program and...

  • 6x critiques and paint overs
  • 6x live mentor meetings and direct access to the instructor
  • 30 day action plan
  • Portfolio review and online profile makeover


Inner Circle Poster Mastery

Includes full 6 week program, all Rising Star bonuses and...

  • months of coaching and mentoring with weekly live meetings
  • Bonus classes and lessons
  • Lifetime access to Head Drawing Foundation program ($597 value)


Is This Program Right for You?

Poster Artist Masterclass is an intensive program for those who are serious about improving their work and careers. This program will help you the most if:

  • You want to draw realistic faces but are struggling to reach that high quality, professional look
  •  You want to balance drawing skills with strong design and composition
  • You want to be guided by a real industry professional and learn real world skills that get results
  • You’ve always wanted to draw movie posters, or book covers but don’t know how or where to start
  • You’re already working but want more clients, customers and how to make more money as an artist

Sound like you?

If you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a professional illustrator in the movie poster industry or make money as an artist, click the blue button above to join...

What's Inside the Class?

The full program includes 6 structured modules. Each module has over 2 hours of lectures and demonstrations. That's over 12 hours of total instruction! Along with the video lessons and demonstrations, students will have lifetime access to additional course materials like references, handouts, study guides and a private facebook community to interact with the instructor and fellow classmates.

Here’s a sample of the topics covered:

Module 2

Head Drawing Accuracy and Likeness

Module 3

Figure Drawing and Invention

Module 4

Design and Composition

Module 5

Finishing Techniques

Module 6

Business of Art

Module 1 - Head Drawing and Invention

  • Easy to use construction and proportion techniques
  • How to invent heads in any angle and position
  • How to draw difficult poses and angles

Module 4 - Design and Composition

  • Easy to use and effective design principles
  • Inventing and creating poster designs

Module 2 - Head Drawing Accuracy and Likeness

  • How to get accurate and consistent likeness
  • How to draw realistic and expressive features
  • How to get emotion and expression in your drawings

Module 5 - Finishing Techniques

  • How to finish concepts with traditional materials
  • Combining traditional and photoshop

Module 3 - Clothed Figure Drawing and Invention

  • Easy to use figure proportions
  • Drawing difficult poses and angles
  • How to draw realistic clothing, folds and wrinkles

Module 6 - Business of Art

  • How to build a professional portfolio
  • How to find agencies and contact studios
  • How to maximize social media and grow your network

There are also exclusive bonuses and opportunities for full mentorship and coaching. See below for more information…

Choose Your Path

If you’re ready to get the skills and training of a professional poster artist, choose from one of the options below...

1. Self-Study Solo Pass

For those with busy schedules or who want to study and learn on their own time and at their own pace.

Tuition Includes:

  • Full program with all 6 modules, each featuring at least 2 hours of lecture and demonstration (over 12 hours of total instruction)
  • detailed homework assignments and exercises
  • complete course materials, handouts, references and study guides
  • private Facebook group to interact with the instructor and classmates.

2. Rising Star Studio Pass

For those who want to make the most of the program AND get personal attention with homework critiques and weekly coaching with the instructor, become a Rising Star.

Tuition Includes all 6 modules, course materials and these exclusive bonuses...

Exclusive Rising Star bonuses:

  • 6x live weekly mentor meetings with direct interaction with the instructor
  • 6x personalized homework critiques and paint overs
  • 30 day action plan for skill and career development
  • Portfolio review and online profile makeover

3. Inner Circle Poster Mastery

f you're serious about having professional skills and transforming your career and want the guidance of an experienced professional, join the Inner Circle.

Tuition Includes all 6 modules, course materials and these exclusive bonuses...

Inner Circle Bonuses:

  • Includes all Rising Star bonuses and...
  • 3 months of mentoring and coaching with weekly, live meetings
  • bonus classes and lessons for continued skill development
  • full access to the 4 week Head Drawing Foundation program ($597 value)

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Frequently Asked Questions

> Can I take the classes at my own time and schedule?

Yes. All the video lessons and course materials are structured and organized in a virtual online classroom so you can study and learn at any time and from any location.

> How long will I have access to the class?

All enrolled students will have lifetime access to all videos, lessons and all class materials such as handouts and references.

> What if I can’t make the live coaching calls and mentor meetings?

Rising Star and Inner Circle students are encouraged to join the live mentor meeting to get the most direct and immediate feedback from the instructor. However if you can't make a live meeting, you will still receive a critique of your completed assignment every week along with having direct access to the instructor through our private Facebook community.

> I’m a beginner at drawing, should I take the class?

Although this class will cover head and figure drawing, the lessons taught will be very specific and focused on skills needed for movie poster and illustration work. It is recommended to have at least a base level of head and figure drawing experience.

If you want to build your drawing foundation before taking this class, I recommend my Head and Figure Drawing Foundation Programs. Click here for more information...

> Can you mentor me?

Yes. If you are serious about improving your skills and career and want to be personally guided by me every week, there are mentorship options available.

About the Instructor

- Chris Legaspi

Hi my name Chris Legaspi. I’m a long time professional illustrator with over 15 years of experience. My notable projects and clients include Birds of PreyDeadpool 2ShaftLuke CageMarvelDisney and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Along with my professional experience, I have a passion for teaching and helping others. I’m committed to mentoring students who are serious about achieving their artistic and professional goals and dreams.

See below for a sample of my professional work…

Feedback and Testimonials

Here's what former students are saying..

"The art instruction, the demo, and the frank discussion of behind-the-scene job experiences (what clients asks, what you submit, what feedback is given, etc). The workshop made me aware of companies and agencies I would likely have not known about. Also the workshop gave me tips on how to present myself and my portfolio to others.".

— James Manabu, Illustrator, Los Angeles

"I liked the process of balancing composition and also learning the business side (charging, per rate, hourly rates, etc.)"

— Carlos Morales, Illustrator, Los Angeles

"I've learned a lot of new things that can improve my art. I liked the inside information. Direct to the point. No fluff. "

— Andrew Sullivan, Artist, Texas

"Thanks again for the class Chris, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!"

— Jeremy De La Garza, Illustrator, L.A.

“I’m an Italian professional illustrator and I found your course invaluable. Thank you.”

— Luca Gennai, Illustrator, Italy

“Thanks again for helping me out and guiding me. I am way better now than when I first started.”

— Othell Flowers, Comics Artist, Chicago

Ready to take your drawing and design to the next level?

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If you want to know more , you may contact me by email at: Chris [at] drawwithchris [dot] com. You may also message me on Instagram @chrisleagspi_art.