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Figure Drawing Masterclass

Do you struggle with figure drawing? Do you want to draw the human figure in any pose or position with accuracy, realism, consistency and confidence? If you answered yes, then you're probably just like me...

Growing up I loved to draw characters and superheroes. My dream was to be a character designer for animation or video games, but I didn't know how to get there.

So I moved to Hollywood and tried to do it “on my own”...

Needless to say I struggled for years. Years of rejection and uninspiring, low paying jobs that lead to nowhere.

How I transformed my work and life

It wasn’t until I found the right mentors, learned the right skills and developed the right mindset that I finally got my first opportunity to draw characters for various video games, films and TV shows.

Now after over 20 years of experience as a professional artist, teaching hundreds of students and writing two books on drawing, I’ve decided to teach and mentor others and help them reach their dreams of drawing their best figures possible.

Learn the Figure Drawing Skills That Pay the Bills

Drawing high quality, realistic figures requires a specific combination of skills, knowledge and experience. In this program you will learn simple and powerful principles, tools and techniques to help you draw better figures get and consistent results.

Here's a sample of what you will learn

  • How to draw gesture and dynamic poses
  • How to construct and invent figures in any pose or position
  • Simplified and easy to use anatomy tools and techniques
  • Easy to use proportions that get realistic, consistent results
  • Shading techniques for realistic light and shadow
  • Drawing difficult pose in perspective and much more...

Check our pricing options

Foundation Solo Pass

4 week Foundation program (over 8 hours of instruction) and...

  • Private Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and class materials


Rising Star Studio Pass

Includes full 8 week program and...

  • 4x critiques and paint overs
  • 1 month Inner Circle Mentorship with weekly mentor meetings and direct access to the instructor
  • 30 day action plan
  • Portfolio review and online profile makeover


Inner Circle Figure Mentorship

Includes full 8 week program, all Rising Star bonuses and...

  • 3 months of coaching and mentoring with weekly live meetings
  • Bonus classes and lessons
  • full access to the 4 week Head Drawing Foundation program ($597 value)


Is This Program Right for You?

Figure Drawing Masterclass is an intensive program for those who are serious about improving their skills and work. This program will help you the most if:

  • You want to draw realistic figures but are struggling to reach that high quality, professional look
  • You've drawing for a long time but don't see any progress and struggle to get consistent results
  • You want to be able to invent realistic figures and poses from imagination
  • You can only draw 'cartoon style' characters but want to have more realistic and accurate figures
  • Want to finally learn realistic light and shadow but don't know where to start
  • You want to be guided by an experienced professional and learn real world skills that get results

Sound like you?

If you’re ready to get the skills and confidence of a professional, click the blue button above to join..

What's Inside the Class?

The full program includes 8 structured modules. Each module has over 2 hours of lectures and demonstrations. That's over 16 hours of total instruction! Along with the video lessons and demonstrations, students will have lifetime access to additional course materials like references, handouts, study guides and a private facebook community to interact with the instructor and fellow classmates.

Here's a sample of the topics covered:

Part 1 - Figure Foundation

Module 1 - Ultimate Gesture Drawing

  • Learning how to see the human body
  • How to make dynamic marks
  • How to draw movement
  • Building the figure with the torso

Module 2- Fluid and Dynamic Figure Construction

  • Figure construction demystified
  • 3-D drawing techniques
  • Simplified torso anatomy
  • combining line and gesture with construction

Module 3 - Starting with The Head

  • Introduction to head drawing techniques
  • How to draw the neck and shoulders
  • how to accurately relate the head with the body
  • proportions made easy

Module 4 - Drawing the Limbs and Advanced Construction

  • How to simplify and draw anatomy of the arms and legs
  • Advanced 3-D drawing techniques
  • How to combine movement and form
  • Simplifying the hands and feet

Part 2 - Advanced Tools and Techniques

Module 5 - Mastering Difficult Poses

  • How to draw side view with depth and accuracy
  • Advanced 3-D drawing techniques
  • How to combine movement and form
  • Simplifying the hands and feet

Module 6 - Mastering the Upper Back and Shoulder

  • Upper back and shoulder anatomy simplified
  • Shoulder and back construction techniques
  • Combining gesture, anatomy and construction

Module 7 - Shading and Rendering Techniques

  • Designing accurate light and shadow shapes
  • Controlling values for realism
  • How to analyze and simplify lighting
  • Lighting, shading and rendering techniques

Module 8 - Long Poses, Design and Finishing

  • How to get accurate proportions and placement
  • Design and composition of an finished image
  • Controlling details and focus
  • Finishing and integrating the figure

There are also exclusive bonuses and opportunities for full mentorship and coaching. See below for more information…

Choose Your Path

If you’re ready to take your head and portrait skills to the next level, choose from one of the options below...

1. Foundation Solo Pass

For those who are new to figure drawing, the first 4 foundation classes will build a strong base of knowledge and skills to help you succeed on your artistic journey

Tuition Includes:

  • 4 foundation modules with at least 2 hours of lecture and demonstration in each module (over 8 hours of total instruction!)
  • detailed homework assignments and exercises
  • complete course materials, handouts, references and study guides
  • private Facebook group for students only to interact with the instructor and classmates.

2. Rising Star Studio Pass

For those who want to take their figure drawing to whole new levels and get feedback and direct interaction with the instructor, choose the Rising Star Studio Pass.

Tuition Includes the FULL 8 week program, course materials, private community and these exclusive bonuses...

Exclusive Rising Star bonuses:

  • All 8 modules, Foundation + Advanced (over 16 hours of instruction!)
  • 4x critique and paint overs of completed homework assignments
  • 1 month of Inner Circle mentorship with weekly mentor meetings with direct interaction with the instructor
  • Portfolio review and career building training

3. Inner Circle Figure Mastery

If you're serious about having professional skills and want the guidance of an experienced professional, join the Inner Circle.

Tuition Includes the FULL 8 week program, course materials and these exclusive bonuses...

Inner Circle Bonuses:

  • Includes all Rising Star bonuses and...
  • 3 months of mentoring and coaching with weekly, live meetings
  • bonus classes and lessons for continued skill development
  • full access to the 4 week Head Drawing Foundation program ($597 value)

To Register

If you're ready to take your portraits and faces to the next level, click the blue button above to join...

About the Instructor

- Chris Legaspi

Hi my name Chris Legaspi. I’m a long time professional illustrator with over 15 years of experience. My notable projects and clients include Birds of PreyDeadpool 2ShaftLuke CageMarvelDisney and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Along with my professional experience, I have a passion for teaching and helping others. I’m committed to mentoring students who are serious about achieving their artistic and professional goals and dreams.

See below for a sample of my head and portrait drawings…

Reviews and Testimonials

“Thank you for all the fantastic course! I have been learning so much with you.”

— Nataly Kenny, Fine Artist, UK

"Hi Chris, I am loving your class! Thanks for all the great tips and clear instructions."

— Sarah, Art Student, Los Angeles


— Tana Panruksa, Thailand, Mechanic

“Thanks again for helping me out and guiding me. I am way better now than when I first started.”

— Othell Flowers, Chicago, Comics Artist

“I’m an Italian professional illustrator and I found your course invaluable. Thank you.”

— Luca Gennai, Italy, Illustrator

Ready to learn the skills that pay the bills?

If you're ready to transform your work and take your figure drawing to the next level, join this powerful and in-depth program today. Click the blue button above to join.

For questions and comments, please email: chris [at] drawwithchris [dot] com, or message me on Instagram @chrislegaspi_art