Earthsworld Drawing Challenge 2023

Are you ready to go on a creative journey that will inspire you to draw everyday, supercharge your portrait drawing skills and connect you with a community of fellow artists?

Look no further! Welcome to the official Draw with Chris, Earthsworld Drawing Challenge 2023. Your passport to inspiration, art and community.

What is the Earthsworld Drawing Challenge?

This exciting community challenge is a month-long artistic event designed to inspire, motivate and unite artists from all over the world. The challenge will run from November 1st - November 30th, 2023, and is free to participate.

The subject of this drawing journey is the wild and wonderful collection of reference photography by Earths. You can see his work at:

Instagram: @earthsworld

How to Join the Challenge

To become part of this exciting drawing challenge, simply join our free Discord community. Once you join, you can start posting right away. You’ll also be able to interact with me and a global network of like minded artists.

You can also participate by sharing your work on Instagram and use the hashtag #earthsworldchallenge or #dwcchallenge2023. 

Get  Exclusive Updates and Free Drawing Lessons

To support the members of this challenge and our growing drawing community, I’ll be having exclusive live streams and releasing information packed content like handouts and references to help you level up during the challenge.

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Weekly Prompts to Fuel Your Creative Fire

To keep things exciting and fresh, we've curated weekly prompts that will spark your artistic imagination:

Week 1: Quick Sketching

Kickstart the challenge with quick sketches. Warm up your drawing hand and portrait muscles. Capture the essence of your subject, practice your gesture or draw from timed poses. The first week is all about letting your creativity and mind flow.

Week 2: Structure and Anatomy

Delve deeper into portrait drawing with a focus on structure and anatomy. Refine your understanding of form and proportion, elevating your artwork and head drawing skills to new heights.

Week 3: Light and Shadow

Explore the captivating interplay of light and shadow. Master the art of shading and learn how to breathe life into your drawings with dramatic lighting and shading techniques.

Week 4: Color Sketching and Painting

Conclude the challenge by infusing a burst of color into your art. Experiment with your favorite color mediums or try something new. Practice your values with tonal sketching, monochrome painting or go full Sargent and create your next color masterpieces.

Detailed instructions and prompts will be sent by email to all participants. To get the latest updates, make sure to subscribe to free email updates.

Special Grand Prize

The Earthsworld Drawing Challenge is open to all levels. For those who want to make the  most of the challenge, I’m offering a special Grand Prize: one randomly selected artist who completes the full 30 days will win 1 year membership of Inner Circle, my private coaching and mentorship program. If you’ve always wanted to work with me, this is a great opportunity to be a part of my exclusive coaching program.

How to Qualify for the Grand Prize

To qualify for the Grand Prize, simply complete the challenge by drawing everyday for 30 consecutive days, November 1st - November 30th. Make sure your post is seen and dated/time stamped on Instagram or in our Discord Community.

If you you post on Instagram, use the hashtag #earthsworldchallenge or #dwcchallenge2023.

That’s it. Draw everyday, share your work and you’ll be qualified to win.

Of course, besides the grand prize, the #1  benefit of drawing everyday is you improve your portrait drawing skills, build confidence and make some friends along the way. That is the ultimate reward.

Let's Create Together: Mark Your Calendar!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of drawing, inspiration, community and artistic growth? Challenge begins Wednesday, November 1st. Don’t wait, head over to our Discord Community today or join my free Insider’s Club. Simply enter your name and email below and let this exciting artistic adventure begin!