Courses and Programs

Level up your skills from the comfort of home

Masterclass Programs

Ongoing, fully structured programs with guided lessons and detailed exercises available at your time and schedule


The ultimate self-paced online program for improving your head and portrait drawing skills. Discover simple and powerful tools to help you draw realistic, high quality portraits and faces with consistency and confidence. Learn at your own pace or with a guided, premium Mentorship.


Build a strong foundation for long term success in figure drawing and take your figures the next level and beyond. Discover simple and powerful tools and processes to help you draw dynamic, realistic and accurate figures in any pose. Self-paced study or Mentorship available.


Have you ever dreamed of working as a professional movie poster artist? In this in-depth program you’ll learn he exact skills, tools and techniques needed to create high quality poster concepts and illustrations. You’ll be guided by industry professional and learn the same skills I use on Hollywood projects like Deadpool, Shaft, Bird of Prey and more.


Self-study video courses packed with step-by-step instruction and exercises to help you learn skills fast

Laws of Color: Photoshop Bundle

The ULTIMATE color course for digital artists. Discover simple and powerful tools and techniques you need to finally begin painting in color. Paint your most beautiful and colorful digital paintings, portraits, characters or illustrations ever! If you’ve been struggling with color for months or years and finally want to start painting the right way and get consistent results, then this is the course for you.

Laws of Color: Oil Painting Bundle

Are you a traditional artist and painter who is struggling with color? This course will give you the tools and information you need to finally begin painting in color. Discover simple and powerful techniques to help you see color like an expert, control color and value and create your own beautiful palettes for portraits, figures or landscapes.

Shading Techniques

Create beautiful and realistic shading, light and shadow in your drawings and paintings. In this course you learn simple and easy to use techniques and tools that professionals use to create characters, portraits and illustrations. Includes exercises and references to help you learn fast.